in Tibet

It All Starts Here

A Company on a Mission.

mYak was born of more than twenty years living and working with the nomadic herders of the Tibetan Plateau. Together we’re building more than a business. We’re building a future for one of the world’s most ancient ways of life.

Our Vision

Ethically Sourced. Expertly Crafted.

We believe in responsibility, traceability and sustainability. We source our wool directly from nomadic Tibetan herders, contributing to the well-being of the local community. Our fiber is hand-combed from the undercoat of baby yaks and cashmere goats with no harm to the animal.

We believe sustainability means respect for diverse cultures and ways of life, adding value to local resources and traditions while protecting their origins, and crafting products meant to last not for a season, but for generations. Our activities are equally imbued with care for people, animals and the environment as well as for the social and ethical values that characterize our entire chain.

in Italy

Weaving the natural strength of the Tibetan Plateau with the exquisite craftsmanship of Italy, mYak offers a unique line of personal accessories and home décor, as well as a range of textiles and yarns for professional and home designers.

Uniquely Soft

Our yarns are spun from the finest fibers from the soft undercoats of baby yaks and cashmere goats raised in the high pastures of the Tibetan Plateau. Warmer than lambswool and as fine as cashmere, this soft undercoat keeps the animals warm even as winter temperatures plunge below -40º.

Naturally Strong

Yak wool is one of the world’s strongest natural fibers, but spinning such fine fiber requires remarkable skill. Our full range of yarns, textiles, and personal and home accessories are spun and woven by the expert craftsmen of Italy’s finest mills, guaranteeing that all of our products will last generations.

To Inspire

Designed for the conscious consumer who looks behind the label to find new inspiration. Our collections draw on global traditions and innovative techniques to offer a lifetime of warmth and elegant simplicity .

We believe in fashion with a purpose. Take home a piece of our journey from the high pastures of the Tibetan Plateau to the foothills of the Italian Alps and carry on the adventure.

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