From Italy With Love

Be inspired by fire

For this Kora Club we have chosen something pleasure to smell, but also respectful of the environment and its inhabitants, the symbol of passion and warmth.

We met Marta, the founder of Festina Lente, in Milan in a ecofriendly market and we were enveloped by her overwhelming passion for candles and perfumes. In this Kora Club you will find La Signora travel scented soy candle poured by hand in 100 gr tin vase with lid.

Soy Candle

Scents are the language of memory and emotions. Their silent presence enriches our life and lets us travel through time and space. Festina Lente fragrances are designed in collaboration with some of the best “noses” in Italy. These sophisticated accords tell distinct and complex stories creating unrepeatable experiences everywhere they are enjoyed.


Head rose, cloves

Heart cinnamon, patchouli

Base amber, sandal, wood, musk

People talk about her but they don’t really know her. Only a few have heard her secrets.

She is fiery like warm species.

She is strong like the sandalwood that reminds her of a faraway journey.

She is vulnerable like a rose, but only with those who deserve it. And when she reveals herself she is glorious and invincible.


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