From Italy With Love

For our first Kora club we decided to stay close to home, in Piemonte, land of culinary excellence as well as the cradle of the most renown textile makers.

The blue of the club reminded us of the wild blue berries we collect in the woods and as we believe healing also goes through your belly, we decided to bring to you the most fragrant artisanal rice you have ever tasted with a delicious blueberry risotto recipe. The recipe has been tested and photographed by our friend Sini Kramer of Laine Magazine.

With the club you will receive a 250gr tin of rice and the recipe.

See below to see whatelse is included.


A unique rice in a unique tin.

The nutrients of brown rice and the easiness to cook of white rice, Acquerello brings together the best from both rices.

Acquerello started in 1991 from Piero Rondolino’s idea to create a rice that distinguished itself from the others for its superior quality. Acquerello is the first rice that is aged and has its own germ. This makes this white rice’s nutritional properties the same as brown rice. Today it is sold in 59 countries worldwide and it is produced only at the Colombara Estate in Livorno Ferraris

Acquerello’s production entails the careful cultivation of rice in our fields and a short supply chain process.


Bio Hanzelnut Oil 

Nocciolo piemontese
”La Casuarina, my Middle Earth”

Northern Italy is also famous for their hazelnut trees, and the hazelnut oil obtained from the pressing of raw hazelnuts from a small woman-led farm in Piemonte, is a wonderful product to sooth your skin and to keep intact the essential Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, of which it is rich.

You can add few drops to your night cream or simply massage your face  and hands with it before going to bed.