Vibrant Connections by Kirsten Kapur



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Family, friendship, community—these are the vibrant connections in our lives. I was lucky enough to receive assistance from all three in the creation of this collection.

When Paola, my friend, and one of the co-owners of mYak, approached me to create thiscollection, I quickly agreed. After all, creating a group of patterns out of cashmere and baby yak is a designer’s dream. These are truly special yarns, created by Paola and her partner, Andrea, out of their shared love for Tibet, its people, and their traditions. Their passion shows in the colors of the yarn, inspired by Tibetan landscapes and the colorful clothing worn by the nomadic herders who supply the baby yak and cashmere fibers.

I found the colors of mYak’s yarns a constant inspiration. As I worked on one design, I had a pile of yarns for the next project sitting nearby. Those glorious piles had me planning and scheming the next design as I knit. When one pile ran out, I’d journey up the walkway along the Hudson River to visit mYak’s studio and gather more yarn. Paola and I would chat about ideas and colors, and I’d walk home with new ideas brewing.

My friend Gale Zucker took the photos. I think she captured the energy of the collection beautifully. She encouraged the models to be joyful, to laugh, dance, and jump. I love the creative, playful results.

My twin daughters modeled the pieces, consulted on color combinations, ran errands, and inspired. One of them, a musician, contributed many of the pattern names, which we selected from lyrics in her songs. The other, an artist, created the illustrations that you will find throughout the book.

The community of knitters who make my patterns is a constant inspiration. I am amazed by their skills and the wonderful twists they put on my patterns, making me see something new in a design that I hadn’t known was there. It was through this community that I met the sample knitters and test knitters who helped to make this collection the best it could be.

I hope you enjoy knitting these patterns as much as I enjoyed creating them, and that you find inspiration and encouragement from your own vibrant connections as you do.

Happy Knitting!