Crochet for Beginners | Workshop by Mo Malron


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Crochet for Beginners | January, 29 12ET

In this crochet for beginners class with Mo Marlon of Crochet & Object , we will learn how to start crochet. We will start by “how to” hold the yarn and hook and then we will learn the following stitches: chain stitch, Slip stitch, Single crochet and a Double crochet.

We will learn how to crochet these stitches into a circle and how to manage to make our stitches into a center loop in a fun and easy way that Mo developed during her years of teaching.

The stitches used in the crochet coasters are: sc (single crochet), dc (double crochet), slst (slip stitch) and ch st (chain stitch)

This is a great beginner course and a good base to take the Chamomile & Sage workshop on Sunday.

Material needed:

If you opt to take both classes, you will have enough yarn for the beginner class in the Chamomile & Sage kit you will receive . You will need a 3mm crochet hook .

If you decide to take the beginner class only, yarn is not included and you will need  any sport to DK yarn and a 3 – 3.5 mm hook. For your information, the class is thought with two colors of our Tibetan Cloud Wool.

A note from Moran:
I’m a left handed crocheter and a right handed knitter and after teaching for years mainly right handed people I learned that our brilliant brain knows how to shift from left to right and vise versa. So I decided to start teach also on YouTube and now I’m so honored to collaborate with mYak fibers and teach in their lovely workshops.