Your mYak Rainbow of Hope!

Let’s bring a splash of color in your homes.

We are so very grateful for your support, messages of concern, and your orders that are really helping us right now.

To thank you we are gifting you with a mini skein of Tibetan Cashmere for each order over $50 you will place in the next few weeks.

Each skein has a bright color reminiscent of the colors of the rainbows that each child across the world is drawing right now.

The Knitting Yak | Virtual Edition

We are all in this together, we are strong and resilient and we are quickly adapting to new ways of staying connected and staying together, help and support each other.

We thought that one way to reach you in your homes, is to launch a new series of live chats on Instagram, s YouTube podcast and virtual Tea & Knitting on Zoom.

Starting from Wednesday March 25, The Knitting Yak will try to bring you some virtual entertainment starting with Paola and Andrea talking about the mYak story, their journey on the Tibetan Plateau, the animals and the fiber. You will be able to tune in and ask as many questions you like.  

We also have a great list of international guests for the weeks to come.

You can see all the live appointments on our website, section Events.

New From the mYak World | Coronavirus

In Italy we are living a surreal situation. We are waiting for the results of the total lockdown and we hope that in the next few weeks we will overcome this nightmare and slowly get back to our lives. Everything is at a standstill, but this is what it takes, and we strongly support it.

In the US the emergency is growing fast but we hope that with the early restrictions, things can be controlled.  

The good news is that on the Tibetan Plateau the emergency has been overcome, factories are working again, and people can move without any restrictions. So things are getting better day by day. 

Shipping & Orders

From March 25 to April 3, shipment of non-basic necessities is no longer allowed in Italy.  Your orders will be shipped as soon as we can, we hope within the next three weeks. We understand that this is an inconvenience, but we hope that you will still place your orders and show you support.

In the US depending on restrictions, Paola will try to ship once a week from our NY showroom.  

We are happy to organize phone, Facetime or WhatsApp appointments for you to ask any questions, help with selecting colors for a project or help you shop. Just email us at or reach out by DM on Instagram .

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