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Our new Kora Club is inspired by a hug, this unique and beautiful form of energy exchange between two people!

Hugging is a wonderful and universal act: between friends, siblings, family, between people who respect each other or who love each other. With a hug you can express love and encouragement that flows from your heart, but also forgiveness and acceptance.

Hugs generate warmth and affection, and nurture lasting bonds of friendship. Something wonderful happens when a hug is shared: a hug produced an increase in the production of oxytocin, but for it to be effective, it must last at least 20 seconds. Only in this way it has a beneficial health effect.

We have chosen to offer this Kora club before Father’s Day because we think that a father’s hug truly has something unique. For each of us it has a different meaning that we carry deep inside like a cherished memory.  A hug that transmits strength and protection but at the same time love and tenderness.

The color we have chosen, Dusty Blue,

 is an intense yet delicate color made with our soft baby yak sourced from what is often perceived a harsh and challenging environment.

It is with joy that we want to share with you this duality of apparent contrasts whose synthesis is harmony.

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