It Started with a dream.

A dream we had for a long time, a dream filled with wool, looms and spindles, a dream that would allow many Tibetan women to make a living while reviving ancient traditions.

Handmade on the Tibetan Plateau.

Our aim is to create a small-scale textile chain from animal breeding to fiber collection, spinning, natural dyeing, weaving, and finishing, all on the Tibetan Plateau, creating a Made By Tibetans label.

Here, where economic opportunity is scarce, a group of courageous and determined women, with the support of the mYak Team, have created the Dokarpo Woolly Lab, a workshop that aims to revive ancient textile traditions that have been slowly disappearing, while also preserving a precious ancient Tibetan breed, the Laha Sheep.

Dokarpo products are born of a philosophy of full sustainability in both supply and production chains that take place entirely in the villagefrom wool selection, washing, spinning, dyeing, weaving, and finishing.

Each handmade Dokarpo Woolly Lab product symbolizes a community that strives not only to support itself, but to also preserve its culture and traditions.

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