Kora Yarn Club

Kora སྐོར་བ། means circumambulation in Tibetan. Kora is both a type of pilgrimage and a type of meditative practice. Tibetans travel to many holy places and walk clockwise around the sites.  

Kora is a huge part of Tibetan Buddhist traditions and an integral part of any Tibetan Buddhist’s life. Buddhists believe that the steps taken on the kora around a sacred site give them merits on their journey towards enlightenment, it purifies their negative karma and shields them from misfortune.

One of the holiest sites in Tibet is the Jokhang Temple that sits in the center of old Lhasa in the Barkhor neighborhood and the kora around this temple is considered one of the holiest.

The Barkhor – recreated in our drawing above- is a fascinating labyrinth of tiny streets and alleyways, old stone houses with trapezoidal shapes, markets, café, shops, and galleries. Even today, with all the modernization and changes, the Barkhor is where you can feel the heart and soul of Tibet.

Our Kora Club is more than a yarn club

It’s a way for us to give you a taste of our love for Tibetan Culture and its people, a way for you to join our path, to walk together and help in our effort to support Tibetan communities.  

But we are also an Italian brand, so we had to bring something Italian into the Club, a special surprise for each club crafted with love in our home country.

What does the club include and how does it work?


3 skeins of a limited colorway for the basic club. 
You can add additional skeins depending on the pattern.

PATTERN_Tavola disegno 1

1 pattern that will be revealed only with the club. 
 A card with the monthly mood. 

In addition you will be able to select the following add on: 
  “From Italy with love”  
This will change for every club and will be something special made in Italy. 
 It could be something handmade, special delicacies, something good for your body and soul, or something you could use for your creativity. 

Calendar_Tavola disegno 1

Our Kora Clubs are released every 2-3 months;  
Clubs are limited in numbers as we can only produce a certain amount of skeins;
Registration will open for two weeks the month before the club release.

Yarn club colors cannot be substituted for other colors and are non-refundable. 

Serenity | Lavanda

Healing Blue

Regenerate | Oliva

Limitless Energy | Brick Dust

Natural Rhythm | Purple Fig

Summer Edition | Honey Pop

Gratitude | Malva

Sunshine | Shine

Purity | Acqua Green

Passion | Passion Red

Embrace | Dusty Blue

Awareness | Shadow

Harmony | Smeraldo

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