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We love to hear from you. For any questions you might have or simply to say hi, please contact us at

If you are interested in becoming a mYak retail partner, please do get in touch at

Our production is limited and while we are trying to increase it in a consciously sustainable and ethical manner, it might not always be possible to fulfill every request. But we would for sure be happy to hear from you.

mYak Usa

Mailing address 52 92nd Street, 4C 11209 Brooklyn, NY T. +1 646 318 2475

mYak Italia

Via Ivrea 10, Candia Canavese (TO), 10010 ITALY T. +39 011 9836057

mYak Showroom Italia

Showroom is usually open

Monday and Friday 09:30-15:00

Wednesday 09:30-18:00

Via Ivrea, 10 – 10010 CANDIA C.SE (TO) | T. +39 011 9836057 |

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