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Since its inception, mYak has been steadfast in its commitment to championing social and environmental causes. With ‘mYak 4 Social Good,’ we are driven by a profound sense of duty to uplift communities and safeguard our planet. Through direct support and action-oriented initiatives, we strive to foster a world where societal well-being flourishes hand in hand with environmental harmony.

mYak X Kangri Metok

Kangri Metok (Nurturing the Flower of the Snow Mountain) is more than just a dairy factory; it’s a symbol of hope and resilience for the nomadic communities of the Tibetan plateau. Born from a vision to empower these communities and create sustainable livelihoods, Kangri Metok represents a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Andrea Dominici leads this effort since 2018.

Why Kangri Metok?

Implemented with a deep sense of purpose, Kangri Metok endeavors to elevate the livelihoods of nomadic families, offering them a sustainable means of income through the production of premium dairy products. These are the same families from whom mYak source its beautiful fiber.  Beyond mere economic empowerment, Kangri Metok honors the timeless cultural legacy of the Tibetan plateau, nurturing a profound bond between its people and the land they cherish.

Our Progress:

Since its inception, Kangri Metok has made significant strides towards its mission. Nestled within a breathtaking valley, our eco-sustainable dairy facility, perched at an elevation of 3,800 meters (12,500 feet), symbolizes our unwavering dedication to preserve our previous environment. As we embark on our production journey, our delectable yogurt not only tantalizes taste buds but also serves as a beacon of out unwavering commitment to excellence and sustainability. 

The Importance for Nomadic Communities:

At the heart of nomadic existence, Kangri Metok emerges shines as a guiding light bastion of hope amid the trials of daily existence. Through the provision of sustainable livelihoods and economic stability, Kangri Metok imbues these communities with the strength to safeguard their cherished way of life and cultural heritage, ensuring a legacy that will resonate for years to come.


Kangri Metok stands at a pivotal juncture, teetering on the edge between realizing our collective vision and the looming threat of setback. Your support today holds the power to tip the scales in favor of hope and progress, ensuring that years of hard work remain steadfastly preserved.

With each donation, you directly transform the lives of nomadic families on the Tibetan plateau, offering them a lifeline of opportunity and empowerment. Your generosity is the catalyst for change. Join us in safeguarding their future and preserving their heritage.

Every contribution will have a direct impact on the lives of nomadic families in the Tibetan Plateau.

How you can make a difference?

Join our mission through one of three impactful avenues:

 1. Direct Donation

 2. Enter Our Raffle

3. Shop with Purpose

1. Direct Donation

Contribute directly to our GoFundMe campaign, providing crucial support to Kangri Metok.

2. Enter Our Raffle

Participate in our raffle for a chance to win incredible prizes, such as an exclusive spot on the mYak retreat in Murano/Venice in Spring 2025 with the Grocery Girls, exquisite yarn bundles generously donated by La Bien Aimee, Purl Soho, Julie Hoover, and mYak.

3. Shop with Purpose

Purchase from our selection of mYak Ready-to-Wear accessories at special prices, knowing that 100% of sales will be dedicated to supporting Kangri Metok and its vital work. Every action, no matter how small, creates a ripple of positive change.

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