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For this Kora Club we chose the color of the earth: Mother Earth is the source of the vital energy of all being. It’s limitless but fragile at the same time so it’s our duty to preserve it, take care of it and teach our children to do the same

mYak_Kora Club Brick Dust_Limitless Energy
We strongly believe that creating a deep connection with the earth is of vital  importance for our own well being.  People very often are totally disconnected from the earth energy and is really important, at least spiritually, to recover the connection with our origins.

For Tibetans the connection with the earth is very strong, earth is symbol of stability, rooting, nutrition, birth and rebirth.

Earth, together with fire, air and water is one of the fundamental element that compose the universe and these four elements exist and function through a fifth element, space.

This space – our planet, is our house, and we must take care of it if we are genuinely concerned about happiness for ourselves,                             our children, our friends, and other sentient beings who share this great house with us.

The color of this club, Brick Dust, is very close to the color of the mix of stones, clay and wood traditionally used by Tibetan to build their homes and monasteries and it’s also very similar to the color of natural pigments used on painting and frescoes as well as mandala – the visual and artistic representations of the cosmo.

Brick Dust  is also very close to the color of persimmons:  In Tibetan Buddhism, persimmon is known to be a spiritual symbol of transformation, a reference to its sharp and bitter taste when unripe (ignorance becoming sugar sweet as it matures and fully ripens wisdom).

As the persimmon that transform itself from an unripe, bitter berry  into a wise and sweet autumnal fruit of joy, we wish for you all to be able to emerge from the fearful and stressful situation we are living nowadays to a new context where we can feel “free” again and spend time with our loved ones again, in serenity and harmony.

We loved all the symbology connected to this color.

We spend hours feeling the yarn that we knit with so if this yarn is imbued with positive vibes there is for sure a positive effect on us.

mYak yarn is sourced with love in Tibet from people that respect and live in harmony with their animals,  and it’s processed in Italy in mills socially and environmentally sustainable.

Our aim is to make mYak yarns not only a high-quality yarn, not only fair, not only sustainable, but a “kind” yarn. From us  to you.

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