Summer Edition | Honey Pop

We have always been fascinated by the bees society, by the perfection of its construction and communication techniques. Andrea has been a bee keeper since he received his first hive as a present for his seventh birthday!  

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A family of bees can be considered a macro-organism and each bee can represent a cell of this organism; the power of this perfectly coordinated collectivity becomes exponentially higher than the sum of the individuals.

The construction of the honeycomb fascinated humans for centuries and it has been imitated in countless occasions.  The perfection of the hexagonal shape has been replicated in many fields, from architectural design to the aerospace industry and it is still considered an unparalleled model of structure.

Bees’ world couple efficiency with harmony and aesthetics: the honeycombs are true works of art and the dances bees do to communicate the position and the distance of the flowers is a real harmonic and artistic movement.

All this and much more in a little hymenoptera, isn’t incredible?

This Kora Club Summer Edition wants to be a hymn to diversity, cooperation and friendship. Each one of us, in its own unique way is a fundamental part of this world.

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