#2 Rabbit | Big Tote Bag


2023 is the Year of the Water Rabbit. A sensitive and emotional soul, the Water Rabbit will often be led by her heart rather than her head.

The Water Rabbit is very intuitive with great mental capabilities and is very sharp.  Innovative, has good ideas and thanks to the gentle disposition she finds it easy to get support goals and ideas.

The Water Rabbit must also learn to let things go more easily and not allow emotions or disappointments to bring her down or distract him from her goals.

The name of the color Slate is derived from a rock commonly used for building and construction. Slate’s natural hues differ, ranging from solid grey to containing undertones of blue, green, dark red, black, and even violet. However, it is usually a medium-dark grey with blue hints.

Slate matches well with almost any color because of its neutral quality. Blend it with other neutrals like beige and tan or add on bright accent colors like orange or yellow to create a more modern palette. You can also pair slate with blue or purple if you wish to draw out the blue undertones of the color.



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100% Organic Cotton

39 × 42 × 14 cm | 13,4 × 16,5 × 5,5 inch

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