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People born under the Rat sign are intelligent, hardworking and competitive. By wanting to achieve their goals as fast as possible, they will always use their wily ways to cut corners and find the way of least resistance, calling this “efficiency”.

They are gregarious, fun-loving and amiable to all. However, there is another side to the Rat which is very private and they keep their innermost thoughts to themselves. The Rat doesn’t trust easily and needs constant assurance as they can be insecure. However, those who work hard to enter the Rat’s inner sanctuary will be assured of a loving and loyal friend.

Wood Rats (1924, 1984)

The Character of Wood Rats: Principled, Charming

Wood Rats have strong principles, and use strategies flexibly to reach their goals. They like to feel safe in life; however, they are often haunted by a sense of anxiety, and that’s why they work so hard each day.

They have a charming personality, and are ready to care for and help others. They are also well-versed in laws and regulations, follow traditional moral standards, and have a strong sense of teamwork, getting along well with others although they sometimes seem selfish.

Fire Rats (1936, 1996)

The Character of Fire Rats: Energetic, Brave

People for whom the Rat sign and Fire element overlap are very energetic, and are brave enough to face any difficulty and danger.

Fire Rats are cordial and friendly to their friends but very strict with themselves. They have sharp tongues and, therefore, they can often offend people.

They usually keep quiet; however, they will say everything they know and say it without reserve when they have a chance to speak.

Earth Rats (1948, 2008)

The Character of Earth Rats: Amiable, Modest

People born in an Earth element and Rat sign year are amiable, honest, flexible, modest, and down-to-earth. They are very serious in work, and they always get help and support from others due to their good relationships.

Earth Rats have a strong sense of self-esteem, and are easily misunderstood by their new colleagues at first; however, they will become firm friends when the misunderstanding is cleared up.

Metal  Rats (1960, 2020)

The Character of Gold Rats: Hot-Tempered, Jealous

On one hand, people of the Metal element and Rat sign are hot-tempered and jealous, and don’t do things by halves. On the other hand, they are very close to their parents and kind to their siblings, and are very smart and talented.

They are very sensitive to the world and, therefore, attach great importance to their subjective experiences.

They also like to be noticed by others. They are good at delivering speeches and persuading others, and their charm covers their inner hot temper and jealousy.

Water Rats (1912, 1972)

The Character of Water Rats: Shrewd, Conservative

People born in a year of the Rat with the Water element coinciding are shrewd and well-versed in the rules of strategy.

Males show moderate abilities in childhood, make great achievements at middle age, and enjoy a peaceful life in old age.

Females are loose-tongued and are bound to have a slip of the tongue due to talking too much, so they should refrain from talking to avoid trouble.

Tibetan artist Rabkar Wangchuk has created a new beautiful artwork for each animal.

Project Bag (100% Organic Cotton | 26 × 32 cm | 10,3 × 12,5 inch)

The tote bag and previous merchandise, discovery the collection.

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100% Organic Cotton

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