3# Dragon | Jade Green



The third animal of our Tibetan Zodiac is the Dragon.

Dragon is a symbol of strength, power, wealth and authority. Dragons have plenty of energy and have lots of self-confidence. Those born under this sign excel in all that they set their mind to. Dragons are gifted with beauty, brains and an imagination that other signs envy. The public’s perception of the Dragon will never cease to conflict with who they truly are.

Behind the Dragon’s hot-tempered words lays a cause he’s deeply passionate about.

Behind the Dragon’s selfishness lays a strong moral code.

Behind the Dragon’s controlling streak lays his energetic drive for success.

Dragons are also ambitious, determined and natural born leaders. They enjoy their independence and have the confidence, fortitude and drive to pioneer great things and forge ahead to uncharted territory. They can also be irritable and stubborn, and their big mouths and sharp tongues will singe anyone who walks by. Dragons also find it difficult to trust. Once they do trust, you’ll have a friend for life but if that trust is broken, be prepared to suffer the Dragon’s wrath. He’ll spit fire without mercy.

Jade green  is a medium shade of green with light blue undertones. It leans more towards green than blue, though some people do describe this color as blue-green.

It is named after the precious gemstone of the same color, which has been treasured for centuries across Asia. Jade Green is the color associated with the Dragon because of the verdant hue of this naturally occurring gemstone, you can easily think of nature and its lush abundance all around – from a thicket of forests to the prickly grass, you can find jade in almost all of your surroundings. More than representing nature, jade also represents life and resurrection. With a deep green color, jade’s tone also reveals tranquil and peaceful qualities. It’s because of this that jade is seen as healing and nourishing, purifying and nurturing, all at the same time.

Perfect as a base color for pullover, it pairs well with blues, pink and browns.

  • Tibetan artist Rabkar Wangchuk has created a new beautiful artwork for each animal.

You can also purchase the tote bag and previous merchandise separately, if you want to get more.


Category: Composition:

100% Tibetan Wool


3.5 – 5.5 mm (US 4-9)

Weight (gr) / (oz):

100 g / 3.52 oz

Lenght (mt) / (yds):

300 mt / 328 yds

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