From Italy With Love

For this Club we offer something special with a strong bond with
Italian craftsmanship.

Ceramic Buttons 

A unique creation.

Svo Ceramic is a small boutique in Murano, Venice.

The owner is Nadia, a ceramic artist full of passion for the handmade. She crafted the original ceramic buttons just for us. Each button is extremely precious and tells a story. The creation process take long time and begins with the selection of the flowers you can find scattered in the Venetian lagoon.  

The flowers texture is imprinted on a ceramic sheet that once dried is cut with a buttons tin of different dimension. Buttons are then baked in the oven for the first cooking process at 950 °C / 1742 F. Before the opening of the oven’s door, temperature must decrease spontaneously, and it takes up to two days. Once cooled the buttons are printed with colored crystalline created by Nadia. To fix the color the buttons must be baked again at 1000°C / 1832 F and to reach this temperature it takes another day. After that, the buttons are ready to be added to your beautiful hand knit project.

The ceramic buttons have been created in a variety of colors and they will be included in the Club at random.

If you want to see more of Nadia’s works you can visit her accounts

IG @svoceramic,

FB @SvoCeramic

Italian Taylor measuring tape

This yellow tape is a reminder of Paola’s childhood, when her grandmother would take out fabric and scissors to make her little dresses. That tape was always draped on her shoulders and Paola spent hours next to her admiring her skills.  The tape offers both the classic metrics measurements and imperial measurements (US Standard System). The high quality and soft material of the tape is the same as it used to be and is the perfect tool for measuring your knitting progress.