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Bye plastic, welcome Beeopak!

Beeopak is a reusable food wrap handmade in Turin. It is made with great care and devotion with GOTS-certified organic cotton, especially woven for Beeopak by a historical textile company in Piedmont. To create Beeopak the cotton is impregnated with a unique mixture of beeswax, IGP hazelnut oil and resin, all organic.

Beeopak behaves exactly like a second skin: 

it protects food from light, air, humidity and it breathes keeping food fresh for longer. It is washable and reusable for over a year. Beeopak is also great fun to use and beautiful to look at in your fridge, on the table, or outdoors. You can use it to substitute cling-film, lids and create pouches and bags!

It is truly a multifunctional packaging material and works very well also for solid soap and shampoo bars and other bathroom accessories. Try them and you will find out for yourself how practical they are!


A high-quality product is made with attention to detail:

Beeopak is cut with a scalloped edge to prevent it from fraying; its pretty patterns are designed exclusively for Beeopak; its unmistakable smell of organic beeswax reminds of nature and beautiful flower fields. Even the use of hazelnut oil is not by chance: piedmont is renowned for its hazelnuts all over the world and it being a food-oil, it works extremely well for a product like this and it is well known for its nourishing and beneficial properties for the skin.


Beeopak is not just a product, it is a concept:

the goal is to encourage people to create less (food) waste, to use and reuse items as long as they are functional and to find simple solutions as near to you as possible.

Another fundamental aspect for the company is the constant search to improve, from the materials purchased from ethical and sustainable local farmers to the effort made to reuse production scraps, to the company decisions as regards to the logistics.

Each human is called to give their contribution to care for the planet and its inhabitants;

Beeopak carries on this green revolution proactively.

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