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For the first Kora club of 2022 we have chosen our baby yak in the exclusive MALVA color.

Malva (Mallow) is a plant strongly connected to ancient traditions lost in the mists of time, because of its medicinal properties but also spirituals and magical ones.

Malva has been used in Shamanic rituals since centuries.  This ancestral culture mysteriously connects the most remote corners of the planet: from Nordic Europe of the Celts and Druids, to the Andean “curanderos” to the Siberia of Lake Baikal and to the Tibetan Plateau.

Even today, Tibetan Buddhism keeps alive these traditions much older than Buddhism itself, making this philosophy even more fascinating.

Malva symbolizes maternal love, warmth, calm and acceptance.

Chromotherapy is a discipline according to which colors, with their chromatic vibrations, influence the surrounding environment and living beings.

By taking care of the colors of the objects that we surround ourselves with or we dress with, we can obtain the improvement of our psychophysical state of health.

According to the principles of chromotherapy, the color Malva combines the energy of both red and blue. It is linked to the mental and spiritual faculties, it helps concentration and at the same time mental relaxation. It promotes calm, and artistic inspiration.

Our world is full of intolerance towards race, gender, social level and recently also those related to the pandemic context. We feel that to start a journey to free ourselves from these “poisons of the mind” is the best way to start the year.

And it is precisely in this color that we would like to immerse ourselves with you to be enveloped by an atmosphere of “loving, welcoming calm” with our baby yak Malva.

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