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For this Kora Club we chose a deep purple color – PURPLE FIG similar to murple that combines purple and maroon. For Tibetans purple symbolize mysticism and spirituality, connection with the deepest part of ourselves.

mYak_Kora Club_Natural Rythmic
We have embarked in a journey of colors with their meaning and inspiration, and we believe that this the right moment to reconnect ourselves with nature and the power of our breathing. Colors are vibrations, vibrations are frequencies and frequencies have a physical and emotional action on all of us.

Considering the current global context, many of us are facing social or financial challenges, lead stressful lives, deal with grief and loss and in these situations, it appears impossible to recover the interior calm. But the interior calm is indispensable to find the energy and the clarity to feel better.


We strongly believe that the reconnection with nature and its rhythm could be the key to feel better with ourselves and consequently to be able to contribute to a better world.

In chromotherapy purple represents a color indicative of creative flair and spiritual strength.

Purple is the color of thought and intellect that favors inspiration, is the color of calm and meditation that counteracts irritability.

Not only colors can have an effect on us with their vibrations but also perfumes and flavors based on specific flower or plants can have a positive influence on us. Integrating colors, aromas and flavors can really have an “holistic” effect, physical but also spiritual. 

The saying

has some truth in it, if we are in harmony with ourselves we can diffuse harmony and kindness to others.

It’s now scientifically proven that kindness has a real strong effect on our health and longevity and we want be an active part, even in our little reality, of this “gentle revolution” that is spreading in the world and can represent a real positive hope for humanity.

We also think that in order to be in harmony with nature is important to take care and pamper ourselves with some cuddles! For this reason, we added to our Kora some little “cuddles” from Italy , for your body, and your well-being.

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