Awareness | Shadow

In the realm of color, there’s a shade that carries whispers of mystery, depth and introspection. It’s the color that dances between light and darkness, revealing truths that often go unnoticed. Welcome to the world of “Shadow,” an exquisite anthracite grey that beckons you to embark on a journey of profound awareness.

Anthracite grey, a timeless hue that gracefully balances between black and white, holds within it the enigma of shadows. Just like shadows guide us to discover hidden dimensions, this shade invites you to explore the subtleties of life that often elude our hurried eyes.

“Awareness” is more than a concept; it’s an awakening.

It’s the practice of being fully present, of delving into the depths of your experiences, thoughts, and emotions. With the “Shadow” club, we invite you to immerse yourself in the art of awareness. Let each stitch be a moment of mindfulness, each creation a reflection of your conscious journey.

Just as shadows reveal the contours of objects, the “Shadow” club encourages you to unveil your creativity.

Every yarn strand intertwines with your intentions, every knitted piece becomes a tapestry of your emotions.



As you create, remember that your journey is unique, just like the dance of shadows that shifts with every angle of light.

For Tibetans “awareness” is not an action but a state of mind that permeates their entire day.

This Kora club isn’t only about color and yarn.

With every stitch, you join hands with us in supporting Tibetan communities.

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