Harmony | Smeraldo

When we contemplate harmony, our minds naturally turn to nature.
Whether it’s a dense forest, the expansive sky, or even the seemingly harsh landscapes of a desert or glacier, every nook of nature reflects a sense of harmony and equilibrium.

Unfortunately, human actions often disrupt this delicate natural balance .

Our 12th Kora Club draws inspiration from the serene equilibrium inherent in nature and invites you to discover serenity within the comforting embrace of Smeraldo Green. The green hue acts as a soothing elixir, infusing your knitting experience with a feeling of balance and tranquility.

Imagine a beautiful park with its trees, flowing streams, and the gentle rustling of leaves — a natural symphony where every element harmoniously collaborates. Smeraldo Green embodies this natural balance, serving as a color bridge that connects the peaceful essence of nature with the calmness we all yearn for.


Each stitch mirrors a fragment of this serene scenery.
When your project is complete, it’s akin to enveloping yourself in the tranquility of a peaceful forest.

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