#9 Dog Big Bundle


The Dog sign is of the Earth element.

Generally, people born with the Earth element are known for being unpretentious and honest. This element brings them a strong sense of stability and integrity. Earth people are very reliable and you can be sure of their loyalty, hard work, common sense and practical approach to making the best of every situation.

The Metal Dog – 1910, 1970

The Dog is already known for being a very loyal sign – the Metal Dog is all the more so and can be depended upon to be a stalwart, lifelong friend. Altruistic in nature, people born under the Dog will give everything they have for the sake of someone or something they have committed to, to a point of becoming too overprotective or possessive.

Metal Dogs can also tend to be outspoken, especially if it’s for something that they believe in strongly… and boy, can the Metal Dog be righteous. They have extremely high ethical codes and will do whatever it takes to fight for justice, expecting others to be just as principled and noble as themselves.

The Water Dog – 1922, 1982

While Dogs are often quite guarded and find it hard to trust others, Water Dogs are the most pliable and open. The friendly, loyal character of the Dog is brought out all the more with the Water element, which makes them more sensitive to others and more able to establish good relationships.

The Water Dog maintains a very cool and approachable façade; often charming and very good looking too, making it easy to draw many admirers and develop large circles of friends. They are adaptable and able to fit into different environments, with the skill to approach problems openly and with new ideas.

The Wood Dog – 1934, 1994

Solid and stable as oak trees, the Wood Dog has very firm principles and a reliable, stable nature. People will like working with them because of their intrinsically altruistic nature and desire to make others happy. They are always a little cautious of letting people in, however, once you’re in, you have a friend for life. The Wood Dog likes solid, lifelong friendships.

People born under the Wood Dog have their head squarely on their shoulders so they won’t over-indulge and will know how to strike a good balance. The Wood Dog has a very strong sense of morals. They expects the best from themselves and others, and most of their life with be defined by heroism. You can count on the Wood Dog to save the day and stand up for others.

The Fire Dog – 1946, 2006

Expressive and dynamic, the Fire Dog is among the most popular Dogs who will draw not only many friendships but also many suitors! This Dog is more likely to take risks, with a natural draw to adventure and exciting new challenges. When things get tough however, the Fire Dog may not be as well prepared and often shirks from adversity.

While they have the natural friendliness and charm of all Dogs, Fire Dogs have a particularly independent, strong spirit. They are led by strong ideals and a clear, honest way of doing things which will gain them the respect of many.

The Earth Dog –1958, 2018People of the Earth Dog are careful and practical but also hold on to their ideals and standards very strongly. Because of these qualities, they can be very hard workers, sometimes expecting the same devotion and stability from others. Earth Dogs are straight-talkers, very honest and direct, perhaps to a point that is overly critical. You can however, depend on them to give good advice and even be there to help you see it through.

Of all the Dogs, the Earth Dog is practical enough to listen to the views of others and is more amenable to accepting others’ decisions. Like the steady Earth, this Dog is a realist, one who plans quietly and wisely and doesn’t make rash decisions.

Drop Dead Gorgeous is the color we associated with the Dog. It’s an rich, bright hot pink, that symbolizes love and romance, caring, tenderness, acceptance and calm.

It is one of the colors most present in Tibetan textiles. It is used to decorate the inside of tent curtains, in contrast with the brown of the outside. It is often used on aprons that women use for their domestic chores as well for the more refined aprons on traditional costumes. Lighter and darker shades of this bright cheerful color can also be found in Tibetan art to portray deities as well as a myriad of flowers that very often adorn artworks.

The Dog has been associated with the color Drop Dead Gorgeous.

In your Bundle:

  • Big Tote Bag (100% Organic Cotton | 39 × 42 × 14 cm | 13,4 × 16,5 × 5,5 inch)
  • Project Bag (100% Organic Cotton | 26 × 32 cm | 10,3 × 12,5 inch)
  • Printed Postcard (21 × 17 cm | 8,2 × 6,6 inch)
  • Sticker

Printed in Italy.



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