Embroidery on Wool with Dario Tubiana | Summer Bloom


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Saturday May, 8 – 1pmEST (7pm Rome)

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This embroidery workshop organized in collaboration with mYak is inspired by my latest design “Summer Dream” which I realized with the gorgeous mYak Tibetan Cloud Wool and embroidered on the yoke using mYak Baby Yak | silk.
“Summer Dream” sweater is knitted in the round from the top down, and features an embroidery inspired by a summer bloom in Italy, in the magical city of Rome.

During this workshop we will try to understand in detail all the embroidery stitches I used on the sweater so that by the end of it you will not only have a beautiful small project that we worked together, but also all the technical knowledge that you need to embroider the yoke of “Summer Dream “.

I will guide you through all the steps to realize the stitches, I will give advice on wool embroidery and I will share with you tips and tricks in order to realize flawless embroidery without paining at all!

We will study the stitches the fun way: we will work straightaway on a small swatch and realize an embroidery project I specifically designed for this workshop.

This project includes Chain Stitch, Satin Stitch, French Knot, Split Stitch, Woven Wheel, Star Stitch and Detached Chain Stitch. But you don’t have to worry about remembering them all because we will talk extensively about all of them, we will work them together and you will find schematics and instructions for all those stitches here in this booklet I have made for you.

You have to trust me when I tell you it’s going to be fun! L et’s get started!

Ready, steady, GO!


Yarn used to realize “SUMMER BLOOM”

Myak Tibetan Could

Tibetan Cloud is a Sport/ Light DK weight of 100% Tibetan sheep wool, ethically sourced and traceable back to the flock. It comes exclusively from an ancient breed of Tibetan sheep that roam freely on the grassland of the Tibetan Plateau at an altitude of over 4000 mt.

Myak – Baby Yak | Silk

The Legendary Silk Road crossed Tibet. We wanted to pay homage to two Asian treasures.
Our 50% baby yak, 50% silk light fingering-weight blend has all of the best qualities of baby yak with the gorgeous sheen and drape of silk. We love the way these two fibers blend together to make a very special luxury yarn. It will bloom and drape, slink and shine. The result is a soft and light fabric perfect for your favorite warm weather garments and accessories. The fabric is strong enough to maintain your preferred cable and also flexible enough to hold its shape in lace. With colors inspired by the Tibetan Plateau, you are sure to find the right shade for your project.

Colours used for the project

mYak Tibetan Cloud Wool: Cherry Blossom, Callicarpa

mYak Baby Yak | Silk: Prana, Sangria, Gelso, Ananda, Samsara


  • Water-soluble Tracing paper
  • Embroidery Hoop (recommended wooded hoop 22 cm / 9’’ diameter)
  • Erasable marker (water- soluble ink marker)
  • Knitted swatch – appox 24×24 cm / 10’’ x 10’’ ( it needs to fit in thehoop)
  • Yarn – Myak Baby Yak | silk or similar ( light-fingering weight)
  • Tapestry/ Chenille Needles (make sure that the wool you are usingpasses through the eye
  • Scissors
  • Downloaded and printed template that you will find below.

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