Baby Camel



From Tibetan communities, crafted in Italy.

mYak camel fiber comes from north eastern Tibet, in an arid part of the plateau close to the Gobi Desert.

The camels are tended by Tibetan communities that represent a very interesting mix of Tibetan and Mongolian cultures: they speak Amdo, one of the three main Tibetan dialects and they live in yurts, the typical Mongolian tent.

Bactrian Camel is a marvelous animal able to thrive in extreme climatic conditions. It’s used to transport family belongings during transhumance and it produces a very rich milk and a gorgeous fiber.

Camel fiber is warm and very soft, for centuries known as one of the most noble fibers in the world.

Our Camel yarn, sourced on the Tibetan Plateau and spun in Italy, enhances the features of this precious material. It has very luxurious touch, a unique mix between strength and softness. 

Category: Composition:

100% Baby Camel


50 GR / 1.76 OZ approx

Sport Weight


NEEDLES US 3-5 / 3.25-3.75 MM 

Lenght (mt) / (yds):

175 MT / 190 YDS

Natural colors:

Natural Color