Our fiber are amongst the rarest and most refined in the world—from the soft undercoat of baby yaks and of Tibetan cashmere goats, to the heart of the wool of an ancient breed of Tibetan sheep grazing on the high altitude pastures of the Tibetan Plateau. How does one treat this natural wonder? With the utmost respect for its natural origin and the artisanal skills involved in its processing. Starting with the pastures, which are controlled as to avoid animal overcrowding, to the collection of the down which is done through combing and not shearing.

No depigmentation and high-quality manufacturing, with carded spinning, reserved for the world’s most precious yarns.

We aim to combine sustainability, social responsibility, quality, and technology to create a unique experience that will change your way of thinking, creating, and knitting.

Ra-Ku Collection | Fiocco di Cashmere | Medium

We are thrilled to introduce Ra-ku -Fiocco di Cashmere, the new addition to our line of Tibetan Fibers.

Ra-ku is a Cashmere with a character you haven’t experienced before.

Ra-Ku Collection | Fiocco di Cashmere | Lace

Our Tibetan Cashmere is a fiber over 36 mm long and with a gauge below 14.5 microns, characteristics that make it a yarn of absolute excellence. The yarn is spun in an artisanal mill in Italy with the perfect balance of ease to allow the yarn to bloom while still securing the fibers.

Tibetan Cloud Wool

The wool obtained from an ancient breed of Tibetan sheep has been used for centuries to weave magnificent rugs, and traditional clothing, but it was considered unsuitable for more refined uses. Until now…   Thanks to a careful selection and dehairing process, Tibetan Cloud is the result of using the finest and softest heart of that wool, creating a yarn that is exceptionally light, bouncy and soft – sliding across your hands as cloud that float across the Tibetan sky.  We are so proud to be the first to bring this wool in the hands of knitters and crocheters around the world. 

Baby Yak Lace

Baby yak is the bedrock of our company. Worsted-spun baby yak down is a luxury fiber that will yield a yarn unlike anything you have knitted with before.

Baby yak has a similar micron count—around 17 microns—to cashmere. 

Baby Yak Medium

We are working hard to preserve the natural properties of this unique fiber and therefore skip the decoloring process.

We obtain three natural shades of down color (chocolate, desert and oatmeal), which we use as basis for our palette that evoke the five elements of nature. 

Baby Yak | Silk

The Legendary Silk Road crossed Tibet. We wanted to pay homage to two Asian treasures.

Our 50% baby yak, 50% silk light fingering-weight blend has all of the best qualities of baby yak with the gorgeous sheen and drape of silk. We love the way these two fibers blend together to make a very special luxury yarn. It will bloom and drape, slink and shine. The result is a soft and light fabric perfect for your favorite warm weather garments and accessories. The fabric is strong enough to maintain your preferred cable and also flexible enough to hold its shape in lace. With colors inspired by the Tibetan Plateau, you are sure to find the right shade for your project.

Kupa Collection | Baby Yak | Organic Cotton

Tibetans have the most precious natural animal fibers in the world but cotton has a touch of the exotic from them. It comes from distant warm countries with floral motifs and Tibetan women love them!

One thing Tibetans love very muxh is picnics! They have a real picnic cult, whether they are nomads or farmers, students, monks, nuns or important lamas, they spread their large floral cotton tablecloths on the grass filling them with all sort of delicacies and spend carefree days between a football match and a nap among the flowers.

Our Kupa, wants to evoke this festive atmosphere.
It’s the resualt of a blend between the best organic cotton and our soft baby yak.

Kupa is a fresh mid-season yarn, with an exceptional feeling to the touch, drapey and buttery soft, ideal for light tops, shawls and accessories.



Here you can find a selection of our limited edition yarns and a few specials:  Yarn that we no longer produce or that we have in very small quantities. 

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