Passion Red | Mood Board

Passion is the mood for this Kora club and Passion Red the color we have developed to match the mood. Magenta is the pantone color of 2023 and it’s a shade variously defined as pinkish-purplish-red, reddish-purplish-pink or mauvish-crimson. We stayed on the red spectrum as we thought this strong shade would perfectly represents the idea of passion. Did you know that the name magenta comes from a little Italian town in the Milan area and the color took the name from the Battle of Magenta in 1859?

While we at mYak did not have to fight any battle, it has not always been easy and our little social enterprise has encountered many challenges and had to surmount countless obstacles.  Our passion, even in the most difficult moments, has been our biggest strength!

And last but not least…

All this is behind mYak.

Many have an image of Tibetan people as peaceful people spending time praying and meditating in the mountains, but nomads are traditionally very fierce warriors that put fire and passion in whatever they do!

Our Passion red

color is an intense red with a hint of orange and blue.


Red makes you feel passionate and energized. Red is the warmest and most dynamic of the colors—it triggers opposing emotions. It is often associated with passion and love as well as anger and danger. Red also represents a boost in our physical energy levels, it increases our heart rate and blood pressure and helps in increasing adrenaline in our body. And that’s just the correct ingredients for some great passion.

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