#7 Monkey | Big Tote Bag


The Monkey is a special sign for Andrea and Paola – the cofounders of mYak, as they were both born under this sign. The Monkey sign is of the Metal element. Generally, people born under a Metal sign have a great deal of confidence and are resolute in their drive for success… sometimes to a point of being hard-headed and stubborn!

The mischievous Monkey is a delight to be around and it is considered the cleverest of the 12 animals in the zodiac.  Monkey are great strategists and always have a plan to achieve whatever they want.

People born under the Monkey are always on the move, always seeking the next thrill to be had and the next mountain to conquer. Multifaceted and versatile, witty and always entertaining, the Monkey is an attractive and sociable animal. The Monkey is a great friend to have and you will never have a dull moment.

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100% Organic Cotton

Dimensions: 39x42x14 cm

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