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With the sixth animal, the Sheep, we have reached the half point in our Tibetan Zodiac.

The Sheep is of the Earth element. The earth element brings this sign a strong sense of stability and integrity. Earth people are very reliable, loyal and hard working.

People born under the Metal Sheep (1930, 1990) are highly confident and aware of their capabilities. Kind hearted, with strong principles and a great sense of responsibility, Metal Sheep can be very sensitive to feedback from others, often allowing it to affect them and people around them

The Water Sheep (1943, 2003) are very loyal to friends. With their multitude of interests, they are very popular socially. They find it easy to find support for what they need thanks to their endearing nature. They are natural artist and very creative in music and fine arts.

The Wood Sheep (1955, 2015) are good-natured, thoughtful, diplomatic, sociable and courteous. They are kind and compassionate to those in need and is always willing to help friends and families.

The Fire Sheep (1907, 1967) can be very confident but at the same time very self-centered. Their confidence can make them arrogant and when that happens, they will have a tendency to disregard the feelings of others. The Fire Sheep tends to be too meticulous and give too much attention to details to the extent that they worry over every little thing and drive everyone around them crazy.

The Earth Sheep (1919, 1979) are extremely honest but can be brutally blunt at times. However, although they are good at expressing their opinion of others, they is not very receptive to feedback and can become very defensive when criticized.

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100% Organic Cotton

Dimensions: 26×32 cm

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